Hotel Aroma Palace : Situated in the heart of Chamba city, Hotel Aroma Palace is the dream destination for tourists. Hotel Aroma Palace fulfils the need of every kind of tourist as it has rooms for various categories i.e. economy, deluxe, super deluxe, honeymoon, maharani and maharaja. You can have a panoramic view of Chamba Town from the terrace. Hotel Aroma Palace is the best place for tourists who want safe homely stay. Very helping staff, crystal clean rooms, beautiful restaurant, spacious conference hall and terrace lounge certainly put Hotel Aroma Palace on the top.

Chamba : Chamba is the most attractive and ideal valley for various types of tourism. It is situated at 996mts in the bosoms of the Himalayan Mountains on the bank of the Ravi River and is known for its scenic beauty, landscapes. the  valley has its own cultural heritage with rich art and culture due to cool climate and peace atmosphere, considerable flow of tourist from all parts of country and abroad poured into the valley to see its glamour. conjures up picture of distant land known for enchanting folklore unspoiled life style and cultural heritage, at once, unique and abundant. The landscape with its rugged beauty beckons the restless spirit. “Chamba –des-achambha” goes the saying above the town of Chamba,”if you come here for a day you spend a full month”. The town sprawls lazily over a big plateau under the pine covered Shah Madar hill on the right bank of Ravi and nestles in the care of snow laden mountains. The plateau of Chamba is divided in two extensive terraces. Mighty and majestic palaces mark this division on the outer edge of upper plain, bringing into view their splendor from the down town Chaugan which unrolls as a grassy carpet somewhere in the middle of the town.

Bazaars flank this green and we overlook the blue stream of Ravi encircling and flowing past the town. We can behold the tiny villages in their natural setting of fields far beyond.  Chamba presents a continuous pattern of blue -grey roof-tops if you view this town from Chamunda temple located on the southern spur of Shah-Madar hill. Interspersed among the houses and shops are the ancient temples; their lofty spires making the godly presence felt, urging the devout to bow his head with reverence. Lanes converge on the cross-roads, winding as they do they touch the entry point of every house.


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